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There is no window blind more elegant and natural than the Venetian blind, made from real hardwood.

Nothing appeals to our wisdom of natural beauty quite like wood. For warmth, durability and versatility, wood is the natural choice for almost any decor.

Like fine furniture, wooden Venetian blinds provide a level of excellence and craftsmanship not available in most other types of window coverings.

Wood blinds also offer very good insulating qualities to help keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer.

Horizontal wood slats, joined using corded pulleys, allow you to pull all the slats to the top of the window to enjoy a full view outdoors and let in maximum natural light or let them down but set to an angle to retain the view but filter the light and provide some privacy.

Premium woodblinds are cut only from large timbers, which prevent warping and cracking and also gives the slats the finest wood grain possible.

Operation is simply; one cord allows you to raise or lower the slats, while another allows you to set their angle. You can of course angle the slats vertically for complete privacy and light control.

You can also choose vertical wooden Venetian blinds, which will have wider vanes and operate similarly to the horizontal type, except that they are drawn side to side instead of up and down.

With slats generally ranging from approximately 25 mm (1 inch) all the way up to 100 mm (4 inches), these blinds are crafted like fine furniture and offer the finest style and function available in window blinds.

In the highest quality wood blinds, each slat is specially selected for the finest grain and color consistency, kiln dried and stained or painted to a supreme finish.

Wooden Venetian blinds offer the finest style, durability and craftsmanship available in window blinds.

Woodblinds are generally available in many natural wood finishes and or any color paint desired. Oak, cedar, cherry, maple and walnut are among the hardwoods used to make wooden blind slats.

Typically with quality blinds, the wood will be treated and a lacquer coat applied to prevent the finish from fading and improve moisture resistance. Depending upon your preference, either ladder tape or a classic cord will be used to tie the slats together.

Be sure to ask your supplier about the length and details of the warranty offered; since you are making a substantial investment when selecting real wood blinds. Also ask for free shipping, which is a common benefit if you are ordering online.

You’ll want to purchase only from a reputable dealer, so check to be sure they have been in business for some period and have happy customer references.

The combination of wood grain, finish and tape or cord, along with the width of the slats together determine whether your blinds will fit better with the clean, sleek lines of a modern decor or the more ornate design of a traditional room.

It is common to use a matching crown valance with wooden Venetian blinds to complete the window treatment.

Versatile, elegant and stylish, you can select no finer window covering than the Wooden Venetian Blind!


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