Cleaning Wood Blinds
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Wooden blinds can be simple if you know the right techniques and cleaning procedures!

These wood products do require different measures for cleaning than do aluminum, honeycomb, fabric or other types of blinds.

You cannot use water, which means that quite a few of the methods talked about in the previous article simply won’t work for cleaning wooden blinds.

Cleaning your wood blinds periodically extends their useful life and keeps the wood grain and finish looking like new.

Read on to learn the easy and right way to clean your wooden blinds!

Keep your wooden blinds dust free and clean and fresh and they will give you years of use and enjoyment.

Since your wooden blinds are made using real wood, DO NOT WASH THEM WITH WATER or may likely cause them to warp.

Even though most quality wood blinds are treated to make them more water resistant, is it not recommended to wash them!

Occasionally, you may want to deep clean your wooden blinds with a wood cleaning product like Murphy’s oil soap but don’t use water and soap.

What you’ll need to clean wood window blinds:

  • Feather duster or vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachments
  • Oil soap or wood cleaning product as recommended by your manufacturer
  • Antibacterial wipes or soft cloth

Follow these tips to keep your wooden blinds clean:

  • Weekly, you can remove light dust from your wooden blinds with a soft feather duster. Rotate blinds to clean both sides of the slats. Dusting consistently will keep your wood blinds looking fresh and clean since it prevents dust from building up and sticking to the finish.
  • Dusting cloths and vacuum cleaners with circular soft brush attachments are exceptional choices for cleaning wooden blinds. Leave your wood blind in place or remove the blind from the brackets and clean more thoroughly on a flat surface if you are performing other repair work.
  • Move from left to right or visa versa when dusting flat blinds and use descending strokes when it comes to dusting vertical blinds.
  • Periodically, you will want to deep clean your wood window blinds. Some wooden blinds can be cleaned with a moist cloth and oil soap or antibacterial wipes. Check the manufacturer’s directions before doing so and if you can’t find the directions, avoid using liquid cleaners all together.
  • You can also use dusting spray and a soft cloth to polish wooden window blinds. Close the slats and spray lightly with the cleaner, then gently wipe the slats clean. Rotate the blinds to clean both sides.


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