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When considering a new window treatment, most people think of curtains, blinds, or roller shades.

But for a unique and stylish look that attracts attention, consider installing interior shutters.

Interior wood shutters offer ease of use, light control, and privacy.

And, if you buy quality wood shutters, they will provide many years of use and enjoyment in your home.

They’re easy to install, can be painted to match your room, and can even be custom made to fit windows of nearly any size or shape.

Types of Interior Window Shutters

When it comes to selecting interior window shutters, you have options as with any other window treatment. The most common types of wood shutters are traditional and plantation style.

Plantation style shutters come with louvers in a variety of sizes. They range from just under two inches to 5½ inches. They come with thicker, elliptical shaped or flat slats, although you’ll probably have to order the flat slats custom if you want them, since the elliptical versions are more durable. They have a more contemporary look than traditional versions.

Traditional shutters are ¾ inch thick and have 1¼ inch slats. They’re a little more difficult to find and probably will require custom work. Most have flat slats, although you can also find styles with a ridge down the center of each one. Generally, you would install two shutters per window, with two louvers on each shutter.

You can also purchase traditional shutters and install them café style, covering only the bottom half of the window. You can also install two separate panels on each side to cover the top and bottom.

Beautiful custom made plantation shutters provide lots of natural lighting as well as privacy when needed.

Installing Interior Window Shutters

Installing your wood shutters is very easy. As with many other window treatments, determine if you want an inside mount (inside the casing) or outside mount (outside the casing).

Outside mounts will require the installation of special hanging strips.

Measure your windows and purchase the correct size of shutter. If you are mounting the shutters inside the casing, make sure to measure the window at three places vertically and three places horizontally, and use the smallest of the three measurements to make sure that they’ll fit. If your shutters aren’t finished, stain or paint them.

Primer will help to insure even coverage (important since you are covering something with a lot of small sections).

When you install your shutters, use spacers to make sure that they’ll open and close easily. Mount the hinges on the window frame or hanging strip.


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