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Venetian Blinds make a fashionable window treatment option to help control the amount of natural window light coming into your rooms.

Available in a wide variety of materials, styles, window sizes, slat sizes and colors, Venetian Blinds can easily be matched to your windows and room decor, adding a cohesive designer look to your window treatments.

Popular materials include metal (usually aluminum), wood, vinyl or fabric, with prices determined by the materials used and the style; the better the material and the larger the slats, the higher the price.

Available in many materials, colors, styles and slat sizes, Venetian Blinds provide a stylish and affordable window covering option.

Metal Venetians offer style and light control at great low prices. They are attractive, practical and available in a variety of colors like white, red, blue, chrome, green, black and many different color shades as well. Tapes will typically come in colors to match the slats.

Typical Venetian Blind metal slat widths include 15, 25, 35 and 50 millimeters. The wider slats are more expensive, but offer a nice look to your windows. Wooden Venetians or custom fabric materials are also available if you wish to give your window treatment a more luxurious look.

Since Venetian Blinds are usually made to measure, you will have to measure properly and specify whether the blind will be inside mount or outside mount, relative to your window alcove.

If your home has fine architectural features you do not want to hide, then inside mount Venetian Shades will be perfect, since they are mounted within the window alcove, allowing your ornate window and ceiling moldings show nicely.

You can purchase Venetian blinds in a wide variety of colors. These shades have custom tapes with a lovely pattern for a decorator touch!

You can install Venetian Blinds without any additional window covering or add a pelmet top or fascia for an even more fashionable, complete window treatment.

Versatile, minimal and sleek, Venetians offer a modern, uncluttered window treatment option. Controls are simple to operate and flexible to open wide, filter out some natural light or completely shut out the window light and create total privacy in your home.


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