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With all the options available for window treatments and coverings, it can be overwhelming to figure out what best fits your room, your windows, and most importantly your budget.

You want a window treatment that provides privacy, is easy to maintain, and looks nice too.

One easy-to-install possibility is mini blinds.

They are a great choice if you like the look and function of blinds but have smaller windows that would be overwhelmed by larger slats.

Follow these tips on selecting and installing miniblinds for your home.

Mini blinds are an inexpensive, flexible window covering available in many sizes, styles and colors.All About Mini Blinds

Mini blinds have narrow horizontal slats that fit neatly within the window casing when hung in what’s called an inside mount. This makes for a very streamlined look that works well with a valance or sheer curtains if you’re looking for more of a design statement.

If you have a lot of traffic outside your windows or you’re working with a room where privacy is essential, layering with curtains might be a good idea.

Depending on the blind style you choose, it may be possible to see through the slats, even when closed. Be certain to check them from the outside to avoid the embarrassment later!

Why select mini blinds? In comparison to many other window blinds, mini blinds are very easy to maintain; some versions even come with an anti-static finish to repel dust. They are also one of the most cost-effective window treatments available.

However, mini blinds also have their disadvantages as shown in the list of pros and cons below.

Mini Blind Pros

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Available in a wide range of colors

Mini Blind Cons

  • Can look inexpensive
  • Gaps between slats can let light in and compromise privacy
  • Cords can present a safety hazard for children or pets
  • Plain aluminium or vinyl mini blinds don’t make much of a design statement   

Selecting Your Mini Blinds

One of the major benefits of mini blinds is the number of customization choices offered. Depending on your décor, you might select metallic finishes or vinyl mini blinds styles, or possibly wood and faux wood window blind options.

You can further customise the look by selecting slat size and embellishing with decorative tapes and header options. And they come in hundreds of colors to match your color scheme and decorative style.

Simple Steps to Install Your Mini Blinds

To install mini blinds in an inside mount, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Remove the existing window treatments, if any. Fill any visible holes with spackling or joint compound and touch up the paint if necessary.
  2. Determine if there is enough space inside the casing to hang a header and blinds. If the window is flush with the wall, you may need an outside mount.
  3. Measure the size of the windows. To insure that the blinds will fit inside the casing, make your measurements at three different points vertically, and three points horizontally. Use the narrowest of the three measurements. Be certain to take time to measure as accurately as possible, as a mistake could result in over-large blinds.
  4. Install the header brackets on the jambs inside the casing by screwing them into the walls. Use a level to insure that the brackets are straight.
  5. Untangle any knots in the cords or tape and insure that the slats hang straight.
  6. Some valances will need to be installed at this point. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if the valance should be installed before or after the header rail. The valance should simply attach to the valance clips.
  7. Install the header rail by snapping it into place between the brackets. Close the bracket covers if provided with your unit.


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  1. Julie Wilson
    May 1, 2008

    I think that mini blinds look fine in some rooms and you can save a lot of money as the author points out vs. buying custom blinds with larger slats. Also, I like all the colors that are availalbe with mini blinds.

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