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A great illusionary concept for wider windows on the room is just waiting to be adopted.

That’s true! Vertical Blinds are a splendid window treatment that covers up even the wide windows with the ease of an illusionist.

Vertical Blinds are perfect for wide windows and sliding glass doors.

This versatility of Vertical Blinds makes them popular in offices, homes, and commercial establishments alike.

Before you assume anything, let’s first clear up the nomenclature.

If you have kids or pets in the house, durable vertical blinds are a great choice for sliding glass doors subject to heavy traffic!

Vertical blinds are called so due to the vertically suspended strips of fabric or slats.

Another alluring feature of Vertical Blinds is the ease with which you can control the ingress of sunlight into the room.

If greater sunlight is required, you can just slide away the Vertical Blinds, and if just a little sunlight is needed, just turn the vertical slats so they are no longer closed, but slightly open, enough to allow small amount of sunlight into the room.

Vertical Blinds are longer than mini-blinds. Therefore, they are slightly priced on a higher side than the mini-blinds. In fact, it’s their height that has made them popular in the corporate offices.

The afternoon light coming through your vertical blinds will cast an interesting effect of light and shadow across the room.

The non-standardized windows in offices are best suited for Vertical Blinds and vice-versa.

The variety in design, style, and fabric make Vertical Blinds a hot choice among the connoisseurs of modern rooms. Even the width of vertical slats varies to provide you with just the required amount of sunlight.

Actually, price is slightly higher if the numbers of slats are more and width is less, as they tend to provide more block-out of sunlight.

As mentioned earlier, Vertical Blinds are known for tremendous illusory effect. If the room is smaller, the Verticals make sure that it looks much bigger just because of the long vertical slats at one end of the room.

Illusory effect apart, Vertical Blinds offer just the right kind of décor required in a listless room. Even if the room is decorated with zeal, Vertical Blinds never look out of place.

Vertical Blinds can be made out of different fabrics, wood, or even aluminum.

It all depends on your tastes as to what should be your choice. Normally, every kind of Vertical Blinds complements the overall look and feel of the room.

So, rest assured that any kind of money spent on Vertical Blinds is a long-term investment.


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