Inexpensive Vertical Window Blinds
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Made with vinyl vanes, vertical blinds are durable, stylish and one of the easiest window coverings to clean and maintain.

Vertical window blinds are affordable and provide excellent light control for your interior decor.

Vertical blinds typically feature a heavy-duty track that provides many years of trouble-free use.

They make a great covering for both windows and sliding glass doors.

You can choose smooth or embossed vertical blinds, made from PVC, and covered in highly decorative fabric, faux wood or mirrored finishes.

Durable and stylish vertical blinds work great for sliding glass doors and windows that open horizontally.

If walls are too permanent, you can also use vertical blinds as sliding partitions to give any interior space added flexibility. Mounted on metal tracks in the floor and ceiling, vertical blinds enable you to keep an area separate for privacy, or open the space up into a single, spacious room with plenty of light.

Pulley-mounted bead chains make it quick and easy to open and control vertical blinds.

Stylish window treatments are a highly visible and functional element of room decorating in most cases. Adding color-coordinated vertical blinds can make your decor appear lighter or darker and give a room a warmer or cooler feeling. This allows you to easily control the amount of light inside your home and set the atmosphere as desired.

Vertical blinds are favored as a versatile, distinctive and durable treatment for any window or glass door. They can also be used to add a sense of length to your room, since their vertical length adds depth and helps elongate a smaller space.

When choosing vertical blinds, consider what materials to incorporate. Wood vertical blinds and fabric vertical blinds are the most popular varieties used in home decor.

Fabric vertical blinds offer a great alternative to more traditional drapes. The light filtering fabric offers a softer appearance, with standard sewn-in weights in most cases. Some manufacturers also offer fabric vertical blinds with PVC backing for enhanced privacy and insulation.

Made from fine woods, wood vertical blinds afford your home an even higher quality window treatment and are a great application with large picture windows and sliders. They can be painted or naturally finished in a variety of styles and designs.

If you want to give your home decor a stylish and distinctive touch, vertical blinds are a great covering option for window and doors. Providing excellent privacy and light control, they are a durable and flexible choice for any room in your home.


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    was just shopping for vertical blind fabrics, to increase on the varieties that I have, currently am importing from S. Africa.


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