How to Clean Vertical Blinds
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Removing dust from window treatments is a constant chore in the effort to keep your home clean and fresh.

Dirty blinds and window treatments make your home feel less welcoming and are a highly visible part of home decor.

Fortunately, vertical blinds are very easy to clean and maintain.

Our simple cleaning tips will help keep your vertical blinds clean and well-maintained for many years.

Vertical blinds, especially fabric types, collect the dust and cobwebs, making them an eyesore.

Cleaning your vertical blinds is an easy task that will keep them looking like new!

So you want to dust them as often as the rest of the home. Your best bet is to use a duster that lifts dust off your vertical blinds instead of just moving it around. An ostrich feather duster works well.

You can use duster spray to loosen dust, making it much easier to remove from your blinds. For more extensive cleaning you may do several times each year, you will want to take vertical blinds down for more thorough cleaning.

With some fabric vertical blinds, vacuuming may be sufficient. If needed, try soaking your vertical blinds, then scrubbing and rinsing them to remove any stains. You can let them soak in the bathtub and rinse in the shower or outside with a garden hose once you’ve finished scrubbing your blinds.

Use only professional blinds cleaning solutions or mild household soap. Wipe your blinds down with a soft cloth or soft scrub brush to remove dirt and grime.

Windex can sometimes help remove paint. Use a soft cloth soaked in alcohol to get rid of pen marks, dabbing, not rubbing, which only smears the marks.

If you have pet or othe liquid spills on your fabric vertical blinds, try to soak the liquid up with paper towels first, then use soapy water to finish cleaning the affected area. Rinse with warm, clean water and blot the fabric dry with a towel.

Follow these cleaning tips will make the job as easy as possible and keep your vertical blinds looking clean and fresh for many years of practical use!


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  1. Donna Hardin
    December 26, 2010

    A magic eraser works well for smudges and getting grime off. It’s from Mr Clean and is available in most grocery stores. Also soap and water, rinse well and let dry thourougly. Otherwise they stick together when re-hanging. An 8 foot slider is a two hour job or more.

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