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If you want to add interest and contrast to your room decor, then the color choices you make when designing your window coverings play a significant role in setting the mood for any room in your home.

But what color choices are the right ones to use when selecting new window blinds, shades, curtains, drapes or a layered window treatment?

Read on to learn more about the top ten colors being used by interior designers these days to give window coverings a little more spice or even a complete makeover that can transform the look of an interior!

1. Black with White

Bold and fashionable, black and white has become all the rage in home decor. The stark contrast of black and white is classic in foyer flooring and bathroom color schemes, but you can also create unique window coverings with this color combination.

White window blinds or shades with a black valance or decorative black and white print curtain pattern will certainly give your window fashion design style and drama.

2. Black with Any Color

Some people frown upon using black in home decorating, but consider that black goes with almost anything, giving the eyes something solid to rest upon.
As a neutral color, black has the advantage of contrasting well with most other colors as well as providing privacy and light control since it absorbs light.

Use black in your window curtains or drapes and you can use any accent color you like in the pattern of your fabric, your window hardware or wall paint.

3. Red

A striking contrast can be achieved with red, as this austrian blind window treatment in red and beige demonstrates.With so many shades of red, you can be sure to find something that suites your taste. Red says sex and power and is a striking color, whether you use something like fuchsia or raspberry, lacquer red, cherry or even something more pinkish.

In a formal dining room, sitting room or other room intended for entertaining guests, red is commonly used to add a regal tone and is often associated with extroverts and socializing. Red also is very complementary to greens, blues and yellows, making it a perfect match in many color schemes.

Fabrics like velvet and linen in deep reds can give formality and richness to your window treatments, with gold embroidery or other adornments enhancing a traditional decor.

On the other hand, if you like a modern, contemporary or retro decor, bright shades of red can make a very bold statement as well.

4. Orange

Earthy and natural, oranges will add warmth to your room. Related to red, oranges come in a wide variety of tones also, from terra cotta to burnt orange, salmon and peach; you have oranges from very saturated to pastel and earth tones.

Cellular shades are available in many shades of orange. Or you could use woven wood or bamboo blinds to give your room some orange-brown earth tones.

5. Metallic

If you like modern, then metallic finishes could be perfect for your window blinds. Most blinds manufactures offer metal blinds in a variety of finishes these days, whether you want the look of brushed nickel, smooth silver, copper or platinum.

Modern design makes use of the contrast of natural materials like woods against the hard surfaces and geometry of metal finishes.
Another way to use metals in your window coverings will be hardware; curtain rods, rings, finials and other items can subtly infuse the look of metal into your room decor without overpowering it.

Green, whether a shade like this yellow green or something more blue green will give your window coverings vibrant spring warmth.

6. Yellow Greens

Brighten your room with yellow green, using shades like lime green, pale apple, willow green to give your room the fresh and airy look of spring or summer.
If you like something darker, shades like hunter or forest green are deeper colors that can give a home office, library or other room a stately feeling.

You can find a good selection of window blinds, shades and fabrics for curtains or drapes in many shades of greens and yellows.

7. Blue Greens

Cool and soothing, blue greens can range from teal or sea green to aquamarine and turquoise or brighter hues like Caribbean blue or jade.

Consider how your window treatment will look from the exterior view of your home. Blue adds a nice contrast to this brick and stone facade.8. Blue

As an ascending color, blue can help make your room appear larger, while also giving it the serene and refreshing harmony of sea and sky.

A classic home decor color, blue is not often found in floral patterns and many traditional patterns use blue with white, red or gold, with stripes, checks and plaid geometric patterns being popular.

Navy and denim blues are trendy these days and you could design some creative curtains with a denim fabric. Try French blue for something a bit more country or a deep royal blue for something more formal.

9. Purple

Of course, deep shades of purple are associated with royalty; amethyst, plum and violet are popular.

But you can also use a delicate shade of lilac, lavender or hyacinth for a more feminine look. These colors are well complemented by white or yellow.

10. Neutral

Always popular, the best selling window blind and shade colors sold always tend to be neutral tones; white, cream and beige predominate. Neutral tones make a good foundation for most color schemes.


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