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If you have a sun room, then you need blinds or shades. And not just for the windows.

Sure, the glass roof of your sun room lets in natural light but sometimes this can cause problems as well.

Once used only as a hothouse to grow plants, today sun rooms more often provide additional living space in the home.

Whether you use your sun room as a living room, playroom or home office, controlling sunlight is important to your enjoyment of the space, allowing you to use it throughout the year.

Blinds protect your conservatory furniture from fading, prevent glare and help control the temperature year round.

Consider a few of the advantages of installing blinds in your sun room:

  • Reduces the harsh glare of direct sunlight
  • Provides privacy and a pleasing decorative element
  • Protects your furniture from those harsh UV rays and heat the sun brings during the warmer months
  • Blinds can also help keep the heat inside your conservatory during the colder months

Whether you choose Pleated, Venetian Roller or Pinoleum sun room blinds, you can find affordable, quality products online, with local installation options available from most manufacturers if you choose not to install them yourself.

As a decorative, yet affordable option, you can purchase cellular shades for your sun room roof. Cellular sun room blinds provide excellent shade and sun protection, but don’t completely block out the light, keeping your sun room open and airy. Venetian blinds in either aluminum or a faux wood finish are another affordable option.

Roll up sun room roof blinds are also a good option, offering solar reflectivity for maximum heat protection and keeping direct sunlight out during the hottest part of the day to keep your conservatory cool.

Conservatory blinds offer a an affordable window covering option to shade your conservatory or sun room from the glare and harsh UV rays of direct sunlight.

Available with either mechanical or remote control operation, Roll up blinds give you a flat look that is simple and available in a wide range of colors and fabrics.

Finally, you could spend a little more and choose Pinoleum roof blinds, which come in either Roller or Roman blind styles made from wood. The Pinoleum blinds have the added quality of casting light and shadow inside your sun room, giving a subtle, dappled effect of light and retaining views to the outside.

Protecting your furniture from unkind rays and heat of the Sun, our conservatory blinds also help keep heat in through the winter months, and offer you the level of confidentiality you desire.

Regardless which type of conservatory blinds you select, you won’t be disappointed with the added privacy, sun protection and temperature control they provide. Once you have them installed you’ll find yourself spending even more time relaxing at home in the comfort of your sun room!


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    Enter Your Comment…I have a smaill sunroom with arched windows. the room is way too bright, but I have no idea how to cover cover the overacching windows.

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