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If you want to give your window a layered dressing to enhance the plain look of shades or blinds, then the window valance is an excellent option to consider.

And, while you can purchase valances in many styles and fabric patterns, if you are handy with a sewing machine, it’s quite simple to make a unique window valance.

You can use almost any weight of fabric to make your window valance, from a lightweight cotton or fine silk to heavy brocade or velvet; choose a fabric that complements the color scheme, textures and patterns in your room.


What You Need to Make a Window Valance

  • Fabric of your choice and matching thread
  • Valance track and curtain hooks
  • Pencil pleat heading tape

Simple Instructions to Make a Window Valance

  1. Install valance track into place over window opening.
  2. Measure front and sides of valance track and multiply by two to obtain fullness ratio and allow an extra four inches for the hem.
  3. Unless your fabric is railroaded, divide by the width of your fabric and round up to the next whole number to determine the number of widths you will need.
  4. Decide what you want the finished length of your valance to be, adding three inches for the hems to calculate your cut length. If you’re using a fabric with a pattern, you will need extra fabric to match the pattern matching.
  5. Multiply your cut length by the number of widths to determine the amount of fabric you will need.
  6. Make your own window valance with these easy to follow instructions.

  7. If your fabric is railroaded, the amount of fabric you need is determined by measuring the front and sides, plus 4 inches for the hems. Multiply this sum by the fullness ratio of two.
  8. Cut the fabric to size as measured in the previous steps. If your fabric is not railroaded and you need more than a single width, join multiple widths together using a French seam. Be sure to leave a full width in the middle and equal part widths on either side, with the pattern matched across the widths.
  9. Hem down each side and pin, turning in double one inch hems.
  10. Hem along the bottom edge and pin, turning up a double one inch hem.
  11. Now mitre the bottom corners of the valance and stitch all three hems into place.
  12. Turn down one inch at the top and press the valance.
  13. At both ends of the heading tape, free the cords to the right side.
  14. Place your fabric back side up on a flat surface. Run the heading tape along the top edge and close to the fold.
  15. Pin the heading tape and position your cord tidy bags into place, two inches in from each side of the fabric.
  16. Next, stitch the heading tape into place. Be sure to sew both rows of stitches in the same direction to prevent any puckering.
  17. Pull the cords from both ends so the valance is the right width per your measurements. Secure them into place with a sliding loop and roll up any excess cord and stuff it neatly into the cord tidy bags on either end.
  18. After adjusting your gathers evenly, insert curtain hooks every four inches, using the pockets on your heading tape to attach them.
  19. You are ready to hang your window valance on the track using the hooks!


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