How to Save Money on Window Blinds
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If you’re moving into a new home or remodeling your existing home, don’t forget to budget for window blinds.

Its one of those oft-overlooked details that has to be managed, but it doesn’t have to break your budget! If you know a few secrets and have a plan you can decorate your windows nicely without spending a fortune.

Follow these tips and strategies to save money on your window coverings!

The best tips aren’t so easy to find online so we’ve done a little research for you and come up with some great money-saving tips and window blinds facts to help the smart shopper.

Whether your budget is $100 or $10,000 there are a few basic things you can do to get the most value from your investment in window treatments:

  • First, consider doing the installation yourself; it’s a great starter project for a new homeowner looking to gain new skills and confidence with home remodeling and decorating!
  • Have a plan; keep detailed notes, sketches, photos, samples, window opening measurements, color schemes, room design and patterns together as you are researching, planning comparing.
  • Smart designers know not to leave window treatments as an afterthought; your window coverings should be integral to every element of designing your overall home décor and individual interior spaces.
  • If you don’t want to spend the time or aren’t certain of your DIY skills, you may still be able to get a deal on the installation cost by installing or replacing coverings on all your windows at one time; this also helps you shop for the best deals.
  • Take your time designing and selecting the window treatments you want and know your budget before you make purchases; by knowing what you want you can more easily compare features, plan for installation and getting the best bargain possible.
  • Set a budget and try to get the most value possible with that budget; you might skimp in some less prominent rooms in order to splurge a little in the rooms that really show off your home and décor.
  • Always compare several vendors before you decide; be sure you understand their reputation, delivery cost, return policy, service commitment and guarantee before making a final decision.
  • Always try to negotiate for a little more service, options and package pricing! You’ll be surprised sometimes what vendors will do to win your business so it never hurts to ask.

Learn how to save money on window blinds and shades with these easy to follow tips.

Save with Window Shades Instead of Blinds

One of the primary determining factors in your budget will be the type of window treatments you select. Cellular shades have become increasingly popular for their affordability, ease of installation and flexible controls and options.

Another reason to select cellular window shades is their insulating qualities, which can help cut heating and cooling costs.
Save with Faux Wood Instead of Real Wood Blinds

If you do want the classic look of wide-slatted Venetian window blinds, you can save money if you go with faux instead of real wood blinds. If you plan your room design so that white or another color finish will work, then there is very little reason to spend the extra money on real wood.

Faux wood blinds with a painted finish are durable, don’t tend to warp and easy to clean, making them a great money-saving alternative. Unless you look closely, today’s wood composite and vinyl products look a lot like the real thing and you can save as much as 50 percent on faux wood blinds!

Faux wood blinds are more durable than wood and don’t warp, crack or split; a great benefit if you live in the humid climate of the East coast or the dry climate of the Southwest. Faux wood blinds are also easier to clean since you can dip them in water with a mild cleaning solution; not something to try with real wood window blinds!

Hunter Douglas, Levolor, Bali and the other major window fashion manufacturers all have faux wood products in their lineups, but sometimes you can save by buying what are called their “signature” lines which don’t carry the same labels and are marketed under less recognized brand names.

Know in advance the color, size and type of window shade or blind you want before buying.

The Mini Blind Alternative

You might also consider window blinds with the narrower one or two-inch wide slats, especially in a utility room such as the laundry room, mud room, etc.

While mini blinds have a reputation for being used in motor homes and cheap apartments, they are functional, durable and affordably and you don’t have to buy the cheapest looking aluminum ones. Mini blinds today are available in a wide variety of colors, finishes and styles.

Interior Window Shutters

Generally speaking interior shutters will cost more than window blinds. Quality plantation shutters are typically made with real wood, although vinyl interior shutters can be a more affordable option, if you like the look.

Most people prefer the look of real wood shutters and opt to splurge on these in prominent rooms that will really benefit from the stylish look of real wood shutters. Using them in one or two rooms may not break your budget if you can find other rooms where you might offset the expense with less costly window coverings.

Bamboo Blinds and Shades

Another option is to go with the natural look of woven wood blinds or bamboo matchstick shades. Bamboo blinds have become quite popular and can work in a variety of design styles, from Asian-inspired décor to tropical and beach décor and modern, contemporary or transitional room designs.

Shop online to save money on your window blinds purchase.

Where to Find Discount Window Blinds and Shades

Your best bet is to shop online first to establish baseline prices for all the blinds and shades you need and zero in on a few options that put the total within your budget range. Then call around and visit a few local retailers to compare prices and weigh the value of installing them yourself or having a local company do the installation for you.

You will probably find that the online prices are lower, so you have to decide for yourself the importance of local service. Another option is to visit discount stores such as Home Depot, Costco and Wal-Mart; these bigger retailers sometimes have great discounts on certain brands and models that may fit your budget and room design.

Look for closeout sales and negotiate for the best price by comparing retailers’ prices; point out the prices of one retailer to another if you feel it may get you a better deal. Even if you don’t get a better price this way, you may get cheaper installation or enhanced features by shopping around and taking a little extra time to select your window blinds!


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    When buying online, remember that all the good window blind retailers will provide free fabric / wood / metal samples for free. The colour of the fabric, wood or metal will vary depending on your computer screen resolution, so it’s always advisable to order free samples before making a purchase online.



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