Arched Window Treatments
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Arched windows are all the rage in new home construction today, and are often featured over entry doors and windows or French doors in the living room, master bedroom or another room in the home.

Arch top windows bring graceful curves and additional light and warmth into any room, adding interest unique elegance to the room décor inside and enhancing a home’s architectural style from the outside.

But deciding how to select blinds, shades, shutters or another type of window covering can be challenging when dealing with the custom sizes and elliptical shapes of arched windows!

Types of Arched Windows Used in Homes

Arched windows are gracefully curved, making it a fun challenge to design the proper type of window treatment!Generally, one of two types of arched windows is used in the home; the classic single arch window, also sometimes called a sunburst window, or an arched-top window. True arched windows are designed as a single window with a round or curved top, while arched-top windows are smaller windows mounted above a door or double-hung or fixed window. Both are popular and used according to the architectural and design that are desired.

Single Arch Window Treatments

With the increasing popularity of single arch windows, most of the major window fashions manufacturers now offer an array of blinds, shades and shutters made to fit standard size arch windows. If you have a custom arched window, completely round window or sunburst window, many of these window treatments are also available in custom sizes and shapes.

Look at arch window coverings from a top brand such as Hunter Douglas, Bali or Graber to find a wide range of cellular and pleated shades in both light filtering and blackout materials and colors galore. Motorized operation is a great option if you have a very stall sunburst window.

Arched Top Window Treatments

The EasyView® arch by Hunter Douglas.Many times people will leave an arched top window bare; since it is high up above the room’s main window, privacy may not be a problem. And since they have relatively little glass area, direct sunlight is only a problem with south facing windows for the most part.

The decision to leave arch windows naked and natural or to cover them is inevitably related to the orientation of the windows, how much privacy is needed in the room and whether the theme and design elements of the room better fit bare or treated arch windows.

But for convenience and practicality, installing some type of window treatment on your arched top windows still makes sense. Shades will protect home furnishings and décor from fading and keep your home cooler on those hot days!

Depending on the location and orientation of your arch window, one option is simply to leave them bare. While this allows plenty of natural light to enter the room and retains the full natural beauty of an arched window, it is often impractical for reasons of light control and privacy!

Arch Window Treatments – Best Bets

Once you decide to install arched window treatments, you’ll want to begin to think and plan the treatment best suited to each window, the functional needs and the room décor. You can make your arched window a focal point in the room or create an

understated look if the fireplace or other design element serves as the focal point. To cover arched windows that enhance and augment your room design, consider these options:

Window Blinds

Island Blinds makes custom size blinds and shades for arch top windows.With a wide slatted style blinds, you will have an elegant arched window treatment. You choose real wood blinds or decided to go with less expensive faux wood, painted finish or vinyl slats. Aluminum can also be used but is not appropriate with some decors. But, for instance, you could use a flashy metal finished blind in an ultra modern style room décor to simulate the clean lines and metallic qualities of chrome or stainless steel. Consider how the material will reflect light to create interesting patterns of dappled light in the room if your treatment is to be more decorative than purely functional.

Cellular Shades

Cellular and pleated shades are also a popular choice to cover arched windows. In this case, the windows below and the arched-top window above can use a more integral cellular shade design to blend the windows and give more the appearance of a single arch window.

Interior Shutters

Traditional or colonial style shutters with movable louvers are a very elegant way to treat arch windows. Plantation shutters with wider three or four inch wide slats will give your room a clean, modern look. Shutters may be either the café type or double-tier design.

Curtains or Drapes

For a softer look, a semicircular shirred-on fabric can be fitted the arch. Use a drapery rod at the point where the curves begin to give the window a greater sense of verticality. If you go all out with a layered window treatment, it can really enhance your arched window as a focal point for the room.

Arched Window Swags

Use decorative hardware and a simple swag to accent your arched window covering, adding color and texture to the room. Simple touches can really add appeal and interest to your room design; repeats and echo patterns of the arches can be a great way to tie things together for example.

Understated Arched Window Treatment

If you do not intend your arched window to be a focal point or have multiple arched top windows in one room, leaving them bare or installing simple shades or fabric panels often makes sense. A simple sheer fabric panel will let subdued, filtered light in without drawing undo attention to its role as a covering.

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized controls are a huge convenience if you have very tall arched windows to cover. At the touch of a button, you can set whatever lighting and filtering you want by angling window blind slats or raising and lowering the stack for even more flexibility.

The motorized cellular shades are not too expensive to install, but do remember to consider wiring needs. Integrated lighting control systems can even dim or brighten the lights in concert with the setting of arched top window blinds or shades. You can have a setting for waking to filtered early morning sunlight, one for late evening privacy, and another for rainy days when it’s dark out and you want to let in every last bit of natural light!

Buying Arched Window Blinds and Shades Online

You can save money by shopping online for your blinds and window shades; from a variety of retailers with competitive prices you can choose and purchase your blinds on the Web. Be sure you understand the measuring and fitting directions your reseller offers and understand the warranty and return policies clearly.

Arched Window Treatment Buying Tips

  • When shopping online or locally for arch window shutters, keep several considerations in mind:
  • Arched window covering installation varies greatly as you can see by the variety of options and choices available. Some are easy to do yourself, while others, such as motorized window treatments, are better left to the pros!
  • Look at lots of pictures before you decide what type of window treatment to use; make a design that is unique and fits your budget, room design and functional requirements.
  • Wood or faux wood blinds can have many types of finishes, from natural wood grain stains and finishes to painted finishes in white or off white and other colors.
  • Finishing your own blinds is not typically necessary, but be sure you select the color and finish that best suits your window treatment design.
  • Finish quality is important to buying arched window coverings that will be durable and long lasting. Check to see how your manufacturer applies paints or protective coatings and warrantees their products.


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