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If you have skylight or roof windows, specialized blinds are required to keep out the harsh unwanted ultraviolet rays of direct sunlight, which can fade flooring and furniture.

Skylight blinds will also help keep your interior cool in during the summer months when the sun beats down on your loft windows.

You also have plenty of choices when considering what type of loft blind or shade to use; awning blind are one popular alternative, but pleated blinds or roller blinds are also good options to reduce glare and still give your interior a light and airy feel.

Fabric options include Velux brand, which is specifically intended for use with roof windows and skylights. Generally, fabric options are more limited with this type of window blind.

Roof windows and skylights present special challenges when it comes to window blind selection and installation.Roof Window and Loft Window Blind Considerations

Custom fitting and installation is usually recommended for roof windows, but if you are handy with do-it-yourself projects around the house, you can install your loft blinds.

Be sure to measure properly and plan ahead for wiring if you plan to use motorized blinds or shades.

You don’t want roof window or skylight window blinds to hang like with normal window blinds; they generally need to be tensioned with side rails or wires.

For this reason, they are also typically mounted inside the loft window recess, which needs to be taken into consideration when measuring.

Since loft windows are typically hard to reach, you might want to consider a remote control system with rain sensors.

Types of Roof Window and Loft Blinds Available

Blackout Blinds – a good alternative if you need to shut out window light entirely. Avoid plastic side rails, which can melt in the direct sunlight your roof or loft window is typically receives.

Pleated Blinds – since they open and close on a wire or string, pleated blinds are also a good option for roof windows.

Roller Blinds – the cheapest solution, roller blinds require some sort of specialized system to secure them to the sides of a roof window opening; usually with pegs or clips.

Venetian Blinds – run with tracks inside the window recess, aluminum venetian blinds can also make a good loft blind option, and since you can adjust the angle of the slats, you get more flexible light control.

Awning Blinds – these will be installed outside and help protect your loft window from the elements, which can add useful life to the window. They are usually made with a black mesh material and can help cool your room substantially if your roof window or skylight gets a lot of direct sunlight.


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  1. Waila Skinner
    June 5, 2010

    I recently used a skylight cover company to shade my skylight but not block the view to the outside. It reduces the heat coming in through the window by at least 80% I very happy with it so far. It goes on the exterior and can be easily removed etc.

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