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You can add style and class to any room with inexpensive Roman shades!

With clean, stylish lines, Roman blinds, or Roman shades as they are also known, are one of the most fashionable, and affordable, ways to dress up a window.

They can be used as a separate window treatment fitted outside the window or fitted inside the window alcove and combined with curtains coated look.

Made from your choice of pleasing fabric colors and patterns, Roman shades have become very popular these days.

Roman shades add elegance to any room without spending a fortune. You can also combine them with other window coverings such as pleated or Venetian blinds.These blinds are typically made with light or medium weight fabrics, often lined. Roman shades are easy to operate and fold up smoothly, with accordion-style pleats, similar to the Venetian blinds.

Many times the Roman shades will be made using a single color for the shade itself, and a complementary color and pattern creates the matching top. Roman shades allow you to flexibly control the amount of light coming into your room and how much privacy you want.

Depending on how your room is situated and whether you need more or less privacy and ability to block out sunlight, you can simply choose a heavier or lighter weight fabric for your Roman shades.

You can also combine Roman blinds with other window treatment options, such as draperies with tie backs, to further control light and privacy, as well as giving your window treatment a more unique design.

Roman shades are very well suited to tall windows. Here, they work well in a bay window space with window seat and side curtains, creating a wonderful place to curl up with your favorite book.Durable and long lasting, Roman shades are quite easy to clean and maintain. Just take them down periodically, clean them in your clothes washing machine, dry, iron and put them back up good as new!

Roman blinds are typically made using a single panel of fabric, giving them a clean, minimal style; although you can also get fancier shades with piping, scallops and other decorative features. Basic, pre-packaged Roman shades are generally available from local suppliers.

You can also create or purchase custom made Roman blinds. Learn How to Make Your Own Roman Blinds in our exclusive step by step guide.

If budget is tight, you can find many inexpensive fabrics at your local fabric store or shop online and save even more. The quality of the material and pattern design typically determines the price of these fabrics.

You can also purchase pre-packaged quality Roman shades on the Internet, with hundreds of patterns and styles from which to choose at a substantial discount versus what local retailers often charge. Most online suppliers offer custom size and patterns to match any window or room decor.

A supple Roman shade is more often than not sold without horizontal rods. The horizontal rods can be purchased separately to give the blind a unique decorator look. Other options offered include coating, piping, blackout lining and scallops.



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