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Bamboo roman blinds can incorporate many sizes and shapes of bamboo, different color and size cords binding them, and can be made in a variety of unique patterns.

Bamboo roman shades are easy to maintain and keep clean, whereas any fabric shades collect dust, cobwebs and grime. This is one great reason to choose bamboo roman shades.

Anther great quality of bamboo is that is comes in many color tones; reds, browns, yellows, or nearly white. So, you have a great variety of colors from which to select or even combine.

Bamboo roman blinds can also be made in many styles. You can have shades made from very small pieces, like matchstick-sized, or choose flatter, rounded shades that look more like traditional blinds.

Coordinate your room’s decor with bamboo mats or area rugs for an exotic feel. This will tie your decor together, and your can add some color with accent pieces and accessories.

For an exotic designer touch, you will want the stylish bamboo roman shades for your window treatments.This allows you to easily change room decor without having to replace expensive items like area rugs and shades by simply changing your accent items as desired to enhance the color palette and theme!

You can complete your window treatment with a bamboo valance, banding the edges banded with a nice fabric to add color and depth.

Bamboo roman blinds are light weight, so shipping is affordable if you buy online at a discount and are very simple to install.

They let in light but are also provide superior privacy.  You can also get bamboo roman shades with fabric backing that can be detached to let more light into your room.  Since the fabric is light weight, it won’t hinder lowering or raising the blind.

You can open the Roman blinds from either the top down or the bottom up, giving you even more options to change the look of your window treatment.

If you really like the natural texture and beauty of bamboo, consider using bamboo wood flooring and your bamboo roman blinds will complete the natural and exotic feeling this exotic flooring material provides.


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