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Most of us think of window coverings as something fashionable and functional to add inside our home interiors.

But consider the possibilities that outdoor awnings offer in covering and protecting your windows, doorways or entry way!

Aside from keeping your home cool when the weather outdoors is hot, window awnings protect your windows from the harsh UV rays of the sun and can add visual impact and architectural style to your home’s exterior as well.

Cheap and widely available, window awnings are a great exterior addition that will protect your windows and keep your home comfortable during the hot summer months.

Benefits of Window Awnings

While not entirely obvious, there are a few very strong benefits to consider which make window awnings a worthwhile investment:

    Window awnings have been used for centuries to shade windows from the hot sun and keep the interior of a home cool during the summer, as well as adding a decorative element to the home exterior.

  • Protection From the Elements – Installing window awnings protects your window frames from ice and snow, wind, rain and moisture, as well as sunlight and heat, keeping wood or vinyl window frames from degrading with constant exposure to the degrading effect of the elements.
  • Let Fresh Air into Your Home – If you live in an area with summer rains but moderate temperatures, window awnings let you leave windows open so the fresh air can circulate and you can listen to the refreshing sounds of the birds singing and the raindrops falling outside your window.
  • Cut Down Unwanted Window Glare – If you watch TV or work at a computer at home during the daytime, window awnings are great for cutting the glare of direct sunlight without need to close window shades, curtains or blinds, giving you the benefit of natural light and unobstructed views outside.
  • Keep Your Home Cool Inside – the most highly touted benefit of outdoor window awnings is the effect they will have in keeping the interior of your home cool during hot weather condition; if you live in a climate that is predominately hot for some part of the year, outdoor window awnings can reduce the effects of heat entering your home by as much as 75 percent, cutting your air conditioning expense dramatically and keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Awning Styles Galore

From an aesthetic point of view, you have many styles from which to choose when purchasing window awnings. Common window awning styles include:

  • Box Lot Awning – This traditional British shop-front awning, adapted to residential use, continues to be popular and is simple and easy to install, with a wooden box from which the awning fabric easily extends or retracts.
  • Dutch Awning – Also called Dutch Blinds, gives your home’s exterior a traditional continental look with these semi-circular awnings that are easy to install and operated with either a manual or electric pull cord.
  • Rigid Metal Awning – Generally a fixed awning but also available in roll up versions, a metal awning (usually aluminum) will be more resilient to the elements than a fabric awning and come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and finishes.
  • Roller or Roll up Awning – Made with a fabric material and lateral arms that allow the awing to be rolled up when not in use, many styles of roller window awnings are available.
  • Concave Awning – Typically installed either over a window or door, the concave design curves inward rather than outward as with most styles of awnings; side panels can be left open or enclosed.
  • Dome or Elongated Dome Awning – Used above a small entryway, window or archway, a quarter sphere shape characterized the design of a dome awning, providing excellent protection from rain and sun; the dome shape is elongated for use with longer windows or entries and may be curved to wrap around a corner window.

Features to Look for When Considering Window Awnings

With so many options and features available, you’ll want to take time and care when selecting window awnings for your home. A few features to consider include:

  • Awning Materials – Traditionally most awnings were made using canvas, but today many used synthetic fabrics specially treated for water resistance and to prevent fading quickly with the constant exposure to direct sunlight. Aluminum is also a good option, requiring no maintenance.
  • Awning Size – the size of your window awnings should be to scale with the size of doorways, entries or windows over which you intend to install them, while being large enough to provide the shade and weather protection you need.
  • Awning Design and Style – with all the various styles and types of awnings as detailed before, matching awnings to your home’s architectural style and features should be no problem and you might want to choose something that fits in well with the architectural style of your neighborhood.

Modern aluminum window awnings give a unique look to this exterior.Purchasing Awnings For Your Home


While the style, shape and design of awnings can vary greatly as we have seen, prices are typically quite reasonable for the more basic awnings, typically starting at less than £100 apiece.

You can find awnings in local home and garden centers or through professional installers, but if you are even a little handy with do-it-yourself projects, you can save a bundle by shopping online and installing your own window awnings.

Take your time and consider all the options mentioned in this article to decide on the style, size and design of the window awnings that best meet all of your aesthetic and functional requirements before making your investment!


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