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Regardless of where you live, inclement weather is a reality we all face.

People with beachfront property deal with hurricanes, country-dwellers face tornadoes, and the simple fact is that damage from high winds can happen anywhere.

Windows are the most vulnerable components of your home, and the problem is compounded by the fact that windows are growing increasingly larger.

The larger the window, the greater a target it presents for flying debris.

Broken windows and doors present a safety hazard, often leading to greater damage and increased costs. The installation of storm shutters can help to protect your home and your family.

While not as attractive as traditional wood exterior shutters, roll up storm shutters like these provide excellent protection for homes on the beachfront, where high winds pose a serious problem to large windows and glass doors.All About Storm Shutters

Storm shutters, sometimes called hurricane shutters, attach to the outside of your home and can be closed over your windows in the event of inclement weather.

You may be imagining some ugly, industrial-looking window shutters, but the fact is that they come in a variety of styles and even in decorative color choices comparable to other types of exterior shutters.

There’s no need for you to sacrifice curb appeal for safety and peace of mind.

Exterior shutters are also practical for your vacation or summer home, providing added security for a home that is not occupied year round.

Whatever style you select, make certain that it is a certified storm shutter.

Hinged storm shutters like these can more attractive than the roll up type, but may be somewhat less practical.

You’ll need to select the storm shutters that best suit your windows and your specific needs. The most common types are:

  • Colonial Shutters or Bahama Shutters – Colonial and Bahama shutters offer a very similar feel to traditional shutters with the added benefit of storm protection, and they come in many attractive colors. Some models can be closed from the inside, but only if you have a window that slides up and down. If your window opens outward, you’ll have to go outside to close the shutters. This can be particularly problematic when you have a two-story house. To close these shutters, you fold them over the windows and lock them into place.
  • Roll Shutters – The roll shutter rolls up and down like a garage door. When opened, they are relatively unobtrusive in appearance, and they’re very easy to close. Some models are operated with a crank that can be installed either inside or outside, while others are motorized and work with the flip of a switch. The fanciest roll shutters can also be programmed to close when the wind reaches a certain speed, leaving nothing to chance.
  • Accordion Shutters – Accordion shutters offer some of the best protection of all of the hurricane shutter types, but they come at a price. Accordion style is the least attractive and most obtrusive of all of the exterior shutter types. Proper installation can help to make the most of them, but they’ll still be quite obvious. As with Colonial and Bahama shutters, they will need to be secured from the outside if your windows open outward, but the actual process of closing them is very quick. You simply pull the shutter down on its track to cover the window and lock it into place.


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