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In many households, the kitchen doesn’t just serve as a place to prepare food.

It’s also a family gathering place, or a homework station, or possibly the location of family suppers.

In the past, kitchens were often left undecorated or minimally decorated, but gourmet kitchens and eat-in kitchens are designed to be comfortable and to coordinate with the rest of the house.

Given how often they’re used, it only makes sense to make this room as inviting as possible, and if the family is to be gathering there frequently, one consideration must be to protect the family’s privacy.

Add color, privacy and light control in your kitchen decor with window blinds or shades designed to match!

Considerations for Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen blinds are an ideal window treatment choice for the unique kitchen environment.

It is a common mistake to approach kitchen window treatments in the same manner as one would approach the rest of the house. However, the kitchen environment is drastically different from that of a bedroom or dining room, and the window treatments should be adjusted accordingly.

Kitchens are generally more humid than the rest of the house, and traffic in most kitchens is high. Window treatments that take up a great deal of space such as flouncy or floor-length curtains would be a poor choice, as would fabrics that do not hold up well under fluctuations of heat and humidity.

Above all, kitchen window treatments should be sturdy and safe. However, this doesn’t mean that they need to be industrial or boring; you can still customize your approach to make your kitchen as attractive as possible.

Why Choose Kitchen Blinds?

Window blinds, on the other hand, are an ideal option for the kitchen. They are easy to maintain, stain resistant, and hold up well under various kitchen conditions.

While most people think about plain white versions when they think of window blinds, a variety of styles are available to coordinate with your existing kitchen decorative scheme. They can easily be raised to let in the sunlight during the daytime and lowered to protect privacy at night. And they are a cost-effective option that can easily be installed in less than a day.

And if you like the look of curtains, you can always combine blinds and curtains to get the best of both worlds.

Whether you go with something decorative or simple window blinds, the eating area in your kitchen is one place you want flexible light control and privacy.Kitchen Blind Styles

Aluminium and wood or faux wood window blinds are the most common selections for kitchens. Make sure that any woods that you select are treated to hold up well under kitchen conditions.

Bamboo or woven wood blinds roll up out of the way and come in a variety of shades. Vertical blinds are an appropriate choice to cover larger windows or patio doors, since they cover such a large area, but they don’t work quite as well on smaller windows.

Some window blinds are available without pull cords or with retractable cords that remain the same length at all times. These are safer options for children and pets, and they also insure that the cords will stay out of the dirty dishes in the sink.

Blinds can be more decorative than you may realize. By varying the slat size, decorative elements, and color selection, one can seamlessly integrate kitchen blinds into any home. For example, a country kitchen window treatment could include brick red-tinted aluminium blinds with rooster-print decorative tapes.

A Tuscan kitchen could be complimented with a set of dark faux wood window blinds set off with a decorative valance in terra cotta tones. A café-style kitchen might benefit from plain white aluminium blinds paired with a brightly-checked café curtain.

If you are unable to find the right color or print, consider purchasing plain blinds and painting or stenciling them to match. By approaching your kitchen blinds creatively, you can easily develop a combination that will combine style and functionality.


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