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White is the color of purity and innocence, but it also a color of neutrality, cleanliness, elegance, class and illumination.

If you want your room to exude these qualities, then white curtains will complement your decor, leaving other decorative elements, shapes and form take the center stage.

White curtains are often found in a country home interior, either plain or with decorative lace. White curtain panels with clean, sleek lines also work quite well in a modern home interior. They even work well in a Victorian decor, often with more ornate draperies or swags in patterns and colors to complement the room.

Whether you are decorating a room with white furniture for a monotone or just looking for a window covering that doesn’t compete with the rest of the interior, you can put up white curtains in many styles and textures; sheer and luminous, opaque and rich, or shiny and bright.

Dark draperies keep out the light, but white lets the light in, making your space bright, open and airy. White curtains truly open up a space, making a small room feel much larger and less crowded.

Soft and romantic, layered white curtains and sheer fabric canopy work nicely together in this bedroom decor.

Sheer white curtains are a good choice in rooms where privacy is not a concern. For bedrooms and bathrooms, where privacy is paramount, an opaque white fabric is desirable or you can use layers of sheer white fabric and lace to add depth and flexible control over privacy and light entering the room.

You can also use white lace or sheer curtains under fabric panels that can be closed at night for additional privacy.

For an informal room, use white curtains that are about the same length and width as your window opening. For a more formal room, hang full length white curtains, letting the fabric gather a little on the floor, with tie-backs to keep them open.

Fabric choice should match your room decor as well, with heavier fabric or layers of sheer white fabric giving a formal look, while a single white curtain makes for an informal window covering. White linen curtains will give your room a very clean look, perhaps with embroidery to give a bit of added texture.

If you prefer to add color to your window treatment, you can add a swag or valance in a fabric color that matches your wall color, furniture or other decorative elements. Beads, lace, embroidery, piping, curtain tie backs with decorative tassels, curtain rods and finials and scallops or other design patterns can also add interest to your white curtains.

Whenever the weather allows, open your windows and let the breeze billow your white curtains, transforming your room into a romantic scene from the movies. And in winter, when sunlight is sparse, your white curtains will keep your home feeling bright, with a fire in the fireplace to add some warmth.

Traditional and classic, white curtains remain an excellent alternative to the hard lines and surfaces of most window blinds. Whether you use them alone or to enhance your blinds, white curtains will surely complete your window treatment and make your space feel clean, simple and inviting.

In a modern home interior, white curtains offer clean lines and do not distract from other visual elements.


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