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A classic window treatment, Priscilla curtains seem to always be in style, offering a cosy, warm country style feeling to your home decor.

Characterized by ruffles and white or off-white neutral fabric, Priscilla curtains are often made with a sheer or semi-sheer fabric, but can also be found in heavier, more opaque fabrics and many other colors and floral printed fabrics as well.

Widely available in home decorating stores and through online window fashions retailers, Priscilla curtains are inexpensive and easy to install and look especially nice as either a kitchen or bathroom window treatment. They will also add style and comfort to your guest bedroom.

Whether you use them alone or with blinds or shades underneath, Priscilla curtains are a wonderful way to decorate your windows with a feminine, soft feeling.

The Priscilla curtains are normally hung on double rods, allowing one to overlap the other. Oftentimes, the front layer is tied back. Top treatments can include using a balloon valance in matching fabric.

Priscilla window curtains can have wide ruffles adorning the inside and bottom edges of the panels. The ruffled Priscilla curtains are often pulled back to the sides of a window with a pair of matching tie backs.

Some styles of Priscilla curtains will have a ruffle that is stitched to the top of the panels, eliminating the need for a separate top treatment such as a valance.

Tiebacks add to the nostalgic look of Priscilla curtains, which have been popular in many decorating styles, from Colonial revival to 1950s Retro decor themes.

For the more contemporary look, use Priscilla curtains with straight edges decorated with a contrasting ribbon of accent color, forgoing the wide ruffles of more traditional country style Priscilla curtains.

Since they leave the rods and hardware more exposed than some window treatments, you can add decorative style by using brass, wrought iron or other decorative rods and hardware.

One of the main attractions of Priscilla curtains is how cheap they are to purchase. Shop online at discount prices and you can find a complete set, with sewn in ruffled valance, matching panels and privacy tiers for under £40.

Hanging your Priscilla curtains typically involves mounting hardware and shirring them over the rod according to your manufacturer’s instructions but should typically take less than an hour and require only a few tools such as a cordless drill and screwdriver.

For easy care and washing, choose curtains made with easy care machine wash and dry polyester that requires little or no ironing. Cotton and other fabrics will be easy to clean and maintain also, but may require pressing the panels before you re-hang them.

Classic and timeless, Priscilla curtains are an affordable window treatment option always worth considering!


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