How to Choose Curtains for Your Home
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Window coverings in modern homes are indispensable.

They may take any form but rarely would you find a home without window coverings.

Not only do they help in protecting the residents from heat and light, they also make sure that your prying neighbors are kept at bay as far as possible.

Curtains are one of the finest and oldest modes of covering the windows.

Cheap, versatile and stylish, curtains are available in different varieties. But the trick is to choose best curtains for your purposes.

A modern home interior lends itself well to curtains in neutral tones with sleek, clean lines.

Read these great tips on how to choose curtains for your home windows:

  • The purpose of curtains is paramount consideration in choosing the curtains. If privacy is what you are looking for, then buy a heavier curtain with opaque style and a lining to boot. Heavier curtains will also keep maximum sunlight out of reach from the room.
  • You can also ornate the heavier curtain from inside with different add-ons. However, if you just want the curtains to show your stylish streak, then silky and satin fabric with carefully done decorative work should be your choice. You can use either tieback option or just let loose the curtains.
  • Elegant draperies and curtains can incorporate tie backs like these do to give your room an open, airy feeling. Colors and patterns should match throughout your room decor.The length of curtains is also a mighty decision. There can be varied length of curtains used under different circumstances.
  • For instance, sill-length curtains are ideal in cottage-style rooms with recessed windows, or with horizontal windows. Similarly, floor-length curtains are just about perfect on sash windows, on bays and bows, and on French or picture windows.
  • Curtain rods should be ideal and match with the overall style of your room as well as the curtains. Nothing looks as bad in a room as negligently selected curtain rods that look out-of-place in the otherwise well-decorated room.
  • The rods with a brass or metallic look gives out a formal finishing. Similarly, wooden or plastic rods give out an informal finishing.
  • Hanging of curtains on rods can also make a big difference to the overall look and feel of the room. They should be hung in such a way as to just about touching the floor – the height should neither be too high nor too low.
  • Tacks, headings, valances, swags, tails, linings, and other accessories all play an important role in enhancing the looks of curtains. You can experiment with the style or follow some fixed designs from a good guidebook or Internet.


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