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The curtain rod has evolved into a design statement all its own as a practical and decorative window covering alternative.

The days of the plain and functional white rods are over, and now we have many options available to compliment our window treatments and add dramatic flair to our drapes and curtains.

Many window treatments now include decorative curtain rods as a part of their overall design, and the rods are intentionally exposed to highlight their visual appeal.

Consider the following tips and tricks when selecting and installing drapery rods in your home.

Curtain Rod Basics

Curtain rods and hardware will help add style to your window curtains and shades.

When it comes to selecting the right curtain rods, you have a few factors to consider. You want a material and style that are attractive and hold up well under the weight of your window treatment, you want decorative elements that enhance the overall effect, and you want to hang the rod in a way that will attractively showcase your windows.

Silver eyelets and matching curtain rod give these curtains a modern look.Material selection is a very important element. Depending on the effect you want, you can select painted or stained woods, or metals like brass, chrome, or wrought iron.

Make sure that the material you select will hold up well under the weight of your curtains, particularly if you plan to hang floor length panels or heavier weight fabrics. The last thing you want is a sagging window treatment.

You can slightly compensate for weight problems by buying a larger diameter rod, but really, you should consider a heavier rod made with a strong supporting material like graphite, and then add supporting brackets to help hold the weight.

Once you have a basic rod, you can select decorative elements to give it the right look and feel. Many wooden rods don’t need a lot of embellishment, since you can get carved versions that look attractive all on their own.

But for plain metal versions, look at decorative finials to adorn the exposed ends, or hang the rod in a decorative wall sconce to add formal drama.

Elements like these can help to make your window treatments look finished.

Curtain rods and enhancements like these buff leather on Milan aubergine curtains and modern finials are sure to make your window treatments unique and stylish!How to Hang Your Curtain Rods

Where and how you hang your drapery rods can make all of the difference. Follow these steps to get the best result possible:

  1. Decide where you want to hang your curtains. Generally, you want to attach the rod slightly above and beyond the sides of the casing. Another possibility is to install a rod for long panels right above the ceiling. Again, the rod should extend slightly beyond the edges of the windows to insure full coverage and a balanced look.
  2. Measure the height of the window or the height to the floor to insure that your curtains will fall slightly below the casing or pool on the floor as desired.
  3. Whenever possible, attach support brackets to the wall studs. If your home doesn’t have studs in the right positions, you’ll need to use toggle bolts for extra support. Use a level to install the other bracket even with the first.
  4. If your rod requires a little extra support, use your level to install a center bracket to help support the weight. The easiest way to determine where it should be installed is to clip the rod into the brackets you’ve already installed, and then attach the center support to the rod. Slide it to the middle of the rod, mark off its position, and attach it there. It’s probably easier to get the rod out of the way first.
  5. Slide the curtains or drapery onto the rod, and clip it back onto the brackets.


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