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Nothing could be as warm, comfortable and charming as the traditional country decor!

And a country style room deserves well matched curtains or other window coverings in keeping with the simple and more casual tone and natural wood, fabric and stone found in country style furnishings, flooring and room decor.

And since country curtains and window coverings are usually simple, they are the perfect do-it-yourself creative home decorating project. In other words, if you’re looking for a cheap solution to cover your windows, then country style curtains are a great alternative!

Add a Little Country Charm

Plain off white curtains are a common country home window covering choice.Charm is the best way you can describe country decor. Farmers and country folk traditionally used the materials and craft items that were easily found in their local region. Stone, wood and handcrafted items are typical of country decor everywhere.

The simple nature of handcrafts and natural materials is what gives a country home so much warmth and charm. And when it comes to country curtains, charm is a matter of keeping things simple and functional.

Country curtains don’t often involve intricate toppers such as an ornate cornice or valence with tassels and fancy fringe. White lace, checked patterns or plain ruffles are characteristic features of many country home window coverings.

A classic Tuscan Italian arched doorway and balcony with shimmering off white drapes.Different Flavours of Country

With so many country styles, you’ll want to choose a specific flavour of country you want to give your room decor and matching window treatments.

If your home or the room you have in mind for new curtains is already decorated English country, then stick with that for the window covering. If you are considering the right country style for your room, here are a few to consider:

English Country – Cosy and natural, the English country style can vary from rustic to somewhat formal, so you have plenty of latitude with your window coverings. Choose something that goes well with your English country antique furnishings, wood flooring or other distinguishing decor elements. Floral patterns in the pinks and yellow of an English garden can make for a nice curtain fabric.

Tuscan – Italian county style tends to rustic wood finishes and natural stone or terracotta. Blue tones of the sea, green and earthy brown or burnt orange of the field are often used in Tuscan color schemes. Patterns will often include a rooster, wild flowers, sunflowers or birds. Curtains should be simple, either picking up the accent colors and patterns used elsewhere in the room or simple white cotton fabric perhaps with some texture.

Floral patterns in colors of the countryside or garden are a favourite for country curtains.French Country – Muted and subtle tones of yellow, pink, purple and green echo the French countryside and will make up the right color scheme for your French country window coverings. Use window-length curtains for a simple country look or full length drapes for a more formal room such as your parlor or sitting room decorated in French country style.

Swedish Country – Scandinavian design is all the rage with interior designers these days, with sleek lines and natural wood finishes. Swedish country is characterized by the warmth and grain of hardwoods polished smooth. Wooden venetian blinds will complement the Scandinavian style decor nicely.

American Colonial – The hardy colonial settlers often liked to decorate in traditional styles of their homeland, whether they emigrated from Britain, Germany, the Netherlands or other European nations. Traditional colonial style shutters are native to the New England states. Wood or faux wood blinds will also go well with the Colonial home decor.

American Country – The cattle ranchers, farmers, traders and trappers who settled the American west had few possessions and relied heavily on the animals and natural materials of the landscape to create their homesteads. Sheer white or checkered red and white curtains with ruffles can create a cosy American country feel.

Open cabinet doors with chicken wire and a nice window seat give this country kitchen an authentic country feel.

Country Curtain Rods and Accessories

Since the inhabitants of most country homes would not have been able to afford expensive furnishings, the hardware used to hang curtains and other country window coverings should be simple.

You can use a plain wood curtain rod and rings or get more creative with something that is representative of the country style decor you are trying to create. Wrought iron hardware would be appropriate for a continental country decor, while wood is more typical in the American country home.

Toppers, if used, should be plain, without a lot of fringe or tassels, which would generally not be typical of country home decor. A simple swag in the same or contrasting color fabric as your curtains would be sufficient to decorate the country window coverings.


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