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Your teenager’s bedroom may be a constant mess or it may be obsessively neat.

The walls might be covered in posters, pennants, or hand-drawn art.

Regardless of the decorative scheme, this room says quite a bit about your teenager’s personality, likes and interests.

While kids’ rooms often focus on their latest favorite character, teen rooms generally move toward a more adult style centering around activities of interest (such as sports, dance, or surfing) or a personal style like exotic, laid-back, or punk.

You can use Roman shades, curtains or other window treatments to match your teen bedroom theme.

Although you may be tempted to disregard the window treatments and default to a generic set of mini blinds, this is a mistake.

Window treatments can offer teens an opportunity to inject their personal style into the room, and they have the added advantages of being cost-effective and easily changed later.

Selecting a Window Treatment for Your Teen’s Room

Since the room is your teen’s private domain, you may have veto power but will probably otherwise have little say in the actual design.

Whatever teen bedroom idea he or she eventually settles on, it’s important to make certain that the window treatment meets certain basic needs. If the bedroom windows overlook a public area, the window coverings must provide appropriate privacy.

You may need to select a treatment that is easily opened to allow natural light into the room, particularly if your child is interested in art or other activities that need a lot of light.

If your teen’s bedroom is rarely cleaned, suggest that they choose an option that doesn’t require periodic cleaning like velvet curtains or white drapes.

And if you have younger children in the home also, make sure that any cords stay out of reach or retract just to be safe.

Window Treatment Ideas

As with the rest of the furnishings in your teen’s room, consider his or her personality when selecting the window treatments. Feel free to think outside the box.

Certainly, if your teen is the more traditional sort, they may feel most comfortable in a conservative bedroom with plaid bedding and aluminium mini blinds or a fancy room with pink ruffles and lace curtains.

But for teens that have developed a more eclectic style, consider unusual fabrics, prints, and layering to help them create a unique style statement.

The following are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Curtains – The major advantages of curtains are customizability and affordability. You can find a pattern and color to suit any room. Consider layering contrasting patterns for a teen who loves bright colors, or choose a polka-dotted valance and striped panels in coordinating colors. There are also sheers with cutout or raised patterns to add texture and interest.
  • Blinds – Mini blinds are a terrific, sturdy option for a teen’s bedroom. To add design interest, select a brightly colored version, add interest with some decorative tape, or layer them with sheers.
  • Valances or Cornices – Valances and cornices are great ways to introduce your teen’s interests into the room without overpowering it. Consider pairing a printed valance with solid panels. This allows you to add the coveted sports or cheetah prints to the room without causing a blazing headache every time you enter.
  • Roller Shades – Roller shades made from fabric or woven woods are an easy-to-install option that can be customized for a teen with the addition of an embellishment on the end. Glue on a string of beads in her favorite colors, or a strip of grosgrain ribbon, or attach a prize ribbon from a favorite activity.


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