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Decorating a child’s bedroom seems like it ought to be easy, but it isn’t.

You want to create an environment that makes your daughter feel comfortable and expresses her interests, but those interests are likely to change in a year or so, and you don’t want to commit now to a look that will embarrass her later.

Consider selecting more generic furniture items and integrating the theme du jour with easy-to-change items like the window treatments and bedding.

In a couple of years when she’s outgrown the current look, you can easily transition to something new.

Whimsical window treatments are fun in a girl's bedroom. Sheer fabric curtains combine nicely with blinds underneath for added privacy and light control.

Window treatments are an important design element; consider these tips when updating the window treatments for your daughter’s bedroom.

Selecting the Right Window Treatments for Your Daughter’s Room

Consider your needs carefully before you go shopping. You’ll definitely want to select a window treatment that’s easy to maintain and durable since it will be used in a child’s bedroom.

You should also consider things like privacy and light. If your daughter’s bedroom looks out into the neighbor’s dining room or onto the street, the window treatment needs to be opaque enough to insure her privacy. But if she uses the room consistently as a play area during the day, then she’ll need a treatment that opens easily to let in some natural light.

By thinking about these issues in advance, you may be able to focus on curtains, mini blinds, or shades as the best option for you.

Window Treatment Types

One of the most common window treatments for kids’ rooms is curtains, because they’re relatively inexpensive, come in a variety of patterns and colors including popular character patterns, and they’re easy to install and remove.

They’re also relatively easy to maintain. So why would you want to consider any other alternatives? In comparison to curtains, mini blinds and roller shades open and close much more easily to control the light.

If your daughter’s room gets a lot of strong morning sun, a heavier-weight blind or shade may offer better light control than a curtain, particularly if she keeps the windows open.

Whatever style you select, you can purchase a pattern that ties in with the bedroom theme or you can customize a look with decorative valances and tiebacks that allows your child to exercise a little creativity.

Consider the following ideas to customize a window treatment for a little girl’s bedroom:

  • The fairy child – For a little girl who likes fairies in general or Tinkerbell in particular, consider decorating her room in a fairy theme. Light, diaphanous curtains held back with feather-accented tiebacks could be paired with white mini blinds to offer both style and light control. Or hang flower fairy prints on the wall and pair the curtains with a valance. Use a rubber stamp to print flowers on the curtains and the valance.
  • The horse lover – If your daughter loves horses, consider a carousel theme. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use wallpaper or borders, which are readily available in carousel prints. Keep the window treatments minimal, with a plain roller shade in a complimentary color, and nail elaborate decorative molding around the window frames.
  • The fashion plate – Bright colors and retro prints are very big right now. If your little girl is destined for the pages of Vogue, let her express her inner fashionista with some trendy fabrics. Pair curtains and a valance in the same colors but different patterns, or buy the curtains and customize them with a little paint. Pick up some retro pins and attach them to sheer curtains for a custom look.


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