Decorating Your Bedroom Windows
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Curtains and window coverings are a big part of your bedroom decor; they not only add color and interest, but also provide the important functions of light control and privacy.

You want your bedroom windows to be as large as possible, to let light in and open up the space when desired.

But, you also need privacy and the ability to shut out the light in your master bedroom, guest or children’s bedrooms.

If you are redecorating a bedroom, then it’s the perfect time to add new window coverings, and you have a lot of options to consider!

Bedroom Theme Sets Style for Window Coverings

Are you trying to make your bedroom look modern or perhaps Art Nouveau; with flowing curves and floral patterns? Or, maybe you prefer something more traditional, like English Country, with a plain and natural feel or Victorian, with rich, dark colors and more ornamentation and drama in your bedroom?

Regardless what theme you pick for your bedroom, the window coverings should be well matched both in style as well as color considerations. If you plan the type of window covering you want in advance by looking at photographs online or in books and magazines, it will make your job that much easier when you’re shopping. And if you shop online you may well save yourself a bit of money as well.

A large part of designing and selecting bedroom window treatments must be based on more practical considerations. Do you work night shifts and need to block out light in order to sleep well during the day? Then you might want to consider blackout shades.

Lovely draperies and arched windows give a feeling of romance and elegance to this bedroom design.

Bedroom Privacy and Light Control

If privacy is a concern, which is typically the case unless your bedroom looks out onto a private courtyard or other private area outdoors, then you probably don’t want to use sheer curtains unless you plan to install shades or liners underneath, or your neighbors may be in for a bit of evening entertainment!

Layered window coverings are often the right choice for the bedroom, giving you the best of both worlds; open the shades or curtain liners when you want to let in the light and close them when you need more privacy or less light entering the room.

With this layering approach, you can use a sheer fabric for your curtains to give the bedroom more ambiance and color, adding finials, eyelets, tiebacks or other curtain accessories to add to the style.

Curtains also help enhance your bedroom decor by filtering light to cast glowing color and romantic patterns of light and shadow into the interior. Choices for bedroom curtain fabrics will typically include silk, velvet and linen. Plain white or off white will look nice in a country style or modern room, while prints or other textures may give you a more formal look.

Bedroom Window Treatment Alternatives

With so many choices, how do you select the right window covering or combination of shades, blinds and curtains to complement your bedroom design?

Here is a run down on the pros and cons of each bedroom window covering alternative:

Wooden Blinds

Proswood blinds offer great light and privacy control, since you can raise or lower them completely or partially and also rotate the slats to let in more or less light. The look of Venetian blinds in either real or faux wood is clean, simple and masculine.

Cons – with hard surfaces, wood blinds can look too sterile and typically need a valance or other decoration to add some spice to your bedroom decor. Dusting slats is a bit of a chore and real wood blinds are more costly than other options.

Wood Shutters or Plantation Shutters

Pros – wood plantation shutters offer a romantic and intimate feeling to any bedroom. With the ability to rotate slats and open or close shutter, you have good control over light and privacy.

Cons – must have room on either side of the bedroom window to open and close wood shutters. It is also impractical to add a cornice or valance above plantation shutters since this impedes your ability to open and close them. Shutters can also be one of the most expensive bedroom window covering options.

Blackout Shades or Blinds

Pros – blackout shades or blinds are a good option if you work nights and need to sleep during the daytime. They also work well in a nursery or young child’s room for better afternoon nap time. Be careful of any blinds in children’s rooms as the pull cords may present a choking hazard.

Cons – generally less attractive than other options, any type of roller shade or blackout shade usually comes in monochromatic colors and styles are more limited. Cost is also higher than other types of shades and blinds.

Roman Shades

Pros – with a soft, romantic look, roman shades are a great bedroom window covering option. Available in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and patterns, the folds add depth and style versus straight panels or shades.

Cons – hanging open on the sides, roman shades tend to let in more sunlight than other options in the bedroom. If you don’t mind a bit of sunshine waking you in the morning, roman shades may the right solution, or you can add roller blinds or pleated shades underneath for more light control.

Bedroom Curtains

Pros – curtains are readily available online or at your local retailer and are very easy to mount. You can enhance curtains with a nice curtain rod and some finials, or add tiebacks for a more stylish look. If you are handy with a sewing machine, pick a fabric and make your own bedroom curtains! If you add a plain roller shade or pleated shade underneath makes, you’ll have a practical and stylish bedroom window treatment.

Cons – can look out of date if not done properly. Also, unless you use a heavy enough fabric, you won’t get the privacy and light control most bedroom windows need.

Top Tips for Bedroom Window Coverings

  • If your bedroom design is somewhat cluttered or decorated ornately, select a simple fabric, which will complement your bedroom decor with out taking it over the top.
  • Roman blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds are probably the best options if you want blinds in the bedroom. Any of these can be enhanced by adding simple sheer fabric curtains with tiebacks for a more complete window covering.
  • Personalised blinds in your bedroom will give the decor a more unique look and the optimal control over light and privacy you desire.
  • Remember that natural light is important to making your bedroom look open and airy. You don’t want your bedroom to feel dark and confined by too many layers of curtain fabric, which will make the room feel smaller.


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