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Decorating your son’s room is a difficult process.

You want the room to be a place he enjoys and feels comfortable in, but you also realize that his interests today aren’t necessarily going to last.

The problem is compounded if he shares the room with another sibling, and you have two children whose likes and dislikes are competing for the same space.

To customize the space without committing to something permanent, focus on easy-to-update elements such as bedding and window treatments.

You have more window treatment options than you may realize when decorating a boy’s room into something he will love to show off to his friends!

Consider the following when updating the window treatments for a boy’s bedroom.

Selecting the Right Window Treatment for Your Son’s Room

Sheer white curtains with Venetian blinds make a stylish window treatment with depth and flexible light control and privacy in this boys bedroom decor.Before you start to shop, carefully consider your needs. It’s almost a given that you’ll want a durable and easy-to-clean option since this is a child’s room. But it’s also important to consider things like light quality.

If the room is only used as a bedroom, then this may not be an issue, but a combination bedroom/playroom needs light. Or if your son is a particularly early riser, you want a layered window treatment that will successfully blot out the early morning light to try to catch an extra hour of sleep in the morning.

Privacy is another issue, particularly if the homes in your neighborhood are close together or his window faces the street. Once you’ve determined what your needs are, you can focus on treatments that fit the bill.

Alternatives to Curtains

Curtains are a terrific option for children’s rooms because they are so easy to replace as the child grows and his once-coveted cartoon prints become a major embarrassment. They’re also easy to install and maintain, and they’re one of the most cost-effective options out there.

So why consider any other window treatment for a boys’ bedroom? Well, curtains have the disadvantage of being difficult to open and close. Tiebacks are easy to use, but a large portion of the window generally remains obscured. Pull cords require the installation of special curtain rods.

If light control is an issue, you may want to consider an easy-to-open window treatment option like mini blinds or roller shades. Although you don’t have quite as many design options as you do with curtains, they come in a variety of colors and prints, and you can also accessorize with a valance to tie them in with the rest of the room.

You can easily create a customized window treatment using blinds, shades, or curtains to suit any kids’ bedroom with a little creative thought.

Some examples of how you might customize window treatments for a boy’s bedroom include:

  • A budding astronomer – If your son is crazy about astronauts, or if Buzz Lightyear is his favorite character du jour, you can easily purchase space-themed curtains, or you can try a more personalized approach. Pair a dark-blue mini blind with a matching blue valance. Stick glow-in-the-dark stars on the valance, or wrap it in white Christmas lights. Or go with a plain black roller shade, and paint the window frame to look like a rocket ship, complete with flames underneath.
  • If your boy is a sports nut, then something like this custom valance made using a snowboard will make his bedroom the hit of the neighborhood!The star bowler or batsman – Whether your son is into baseball, cricket, football, or rugby, you can make an incredibly easy valance out of sports pennants. Many pennants come with grommeted holes or a pocket upon which they can be strung, or you can buy brightly colored plastic clips to attach them to the curtain rod.
  • The avid outdoorsman – If your son enjoys outdoors activities like hiking and camping, why not decorate his room like his very own cabin? Use plain flannel sheets and lots of animal prints on the walls. Try a woven wood roller blind, or pair some plaid curtains with a string of dangling pine cones.


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