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Does your bedroom decor lack romance or zest?

Does it lack privacy, or on the other hand, feel dark and cramped?

Is it impeding your love life or making you and your partner less amorous than you’d like?

Then perhaps it’s time for new, sexier window coverings in your bedroom?

While not everyone thinks of window fashions as being particularly sexy or romantic, you can set the mood for romance with a little inspiration and sensual creativity when designing your bedroom window coverings!

Start with Window Fashion Basics

Exotic and romantic bamboo window shades give the bedroom a warm, inviting feeling.When selecting window coverings for the bedroom, a primary concern must be privacy.

Unless you and your partner enjoy exhibitionism … which can be fun sometimes if you’re in to that kind of thing, but probably not something most people want to do regularly … then you want a window treatment that provides complete privacy in the bedroom.

Blinds or shades generally make the best base for a bedroom window treatment. You want something you can easily open and close, like roller blinds. Or, you may prefer Venetian blinds which can be adjusted for privacy, while still letting in a bit of that afternoon light in case you and your partner like the occasional “afternoon delight”.

If you decide to use curtains or drapes, be sure to use a fabric that is opaque or use liners for added bedroom privacy.

Choosing Romantic Colors

Color plays a large part in making your bedroom feel sexier and more sensual. You can use a neutral base for your color scheme and brighter accent colors

Or, you might pick a bolder color scheme; reds are spicy hot while blues and greens tend to give a room a more serene and relaxing feeling.

Also remember that dark colors tend to absorb light, while lighter colors reflect light. Use this to your advantage, whether you want a rich, sexy and darker interior or something airy and romantic. Either direction can work fine as long as it creates the look you want to achieve.

Color choices are very personal, so it’s a good idea to be sure you and your partner both agree on the color scheme!
If you use a neutral window blind or shade, you can easily add color with decorative curtains, a valance or window treatment swag. Pick up colors from your bedding, flooring and other room decor elements that you might like to repeat in your window treatment.

Fabrics like silk or velvet that have a sensual feeling can work well, or you can add texture to your window treatment with chenille, linen weave, suede and many others.

Solid colors tend to be more conservative, but if you want something bold, you might select an animal skin print, tapestry or other pattern.

Sensual Window Decorating

With privacy, light control and color choice out of the way, you can begin to consider decorative elements that will add intimacy and a sense of the unexpected to your bedroom window treatment.

Layering your window covering is the best way to add romantic ambiance. Like make up or jewelry, by layering fabrics you can give your bedroom window high fashion, romantic drama and elegance.

Sheer curtains or drapes are great for the romantic theme. The color should correspond with the bed spread or compliment the color of the walls. For example, blue walls and a brown bedspread could have sheer white curtains.

If the walls and bed spread are solid in color the curtains could have a pattern to them while pulling all the colors together.

A romantic room deserves elegant, extra-long curtains that pool or puddle on the floor.

Put on the Finishing Touches

There are many ways to give your bedroom window fashion a little more sex appeal. Consider hardware and decorative options such as curtain rods and finials, window toppers, curtain tie-backs and tassels.

Adding one or more of these features will give your bedroom window a unique, finished appearance and can help add intimacy and sensual shapes to your window treatment. But be careful not to overdo your decoration; you don’t want to clutter the look of your bedroom with umpteen layers of draperies!

You can also add interest by using scallops, lace fringes or other unique design in your valance. Or try a swag; with seductive folds in the fabric to create depth and appeal to your bedroom window treatment.


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