Window Blinds and Treatments for Bay Windows
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Bay windows are lovely additions to any room.

They let in a lot of natural light, allow for outside views, and add architectural interest.

If your bay windows look out into your backyard, or an otherwise secluded area, then window treatments or curtains may not be absolutely essential for you.

However, for privacy’s sake, they may be necessary.

Bay window treatments also can help to make your windows one of the focal points of the room, and they can assist with light control for times when all of that ambient light is an annoyance.

Dramatic bay window dressed with curtains tht match dark colors of this room decor.

Bay Window Covering Challenges

Obviously, it’s not possible to purchase any window treatment off the shelf to cover a bay. You need to plan specifically for the special needs of a bay and focus on finding a style that will accentuate the window itself.

Because of the shape of the windows, any window coverings requiring a rod will need a separate rod for each window or a rod built specifically for bays. Note that while it seems like a great idea to purchase three separate rods, it’s a good idea to make sure that they’ll fit end-to-end above the windows.

If not, you can stagger them, hanging the center higher than the two wings, or if you have deep enough window casings, you can hang your treatment inside the casing in what’s called an inside mount. If none of these solutions appeal to you, you will need to purchase a special bay window curtain rod.

Wood <a href=shutters create a unique window covering for this San Francisco bay window!” />Selecting a Bay Window Treatment

With the right hardware, you can use almost any type of window treatment in a bay. When you’re trying to select a treatment for your bay windows, decide if you want your window treatments to be purely decorative, or if you want them to also provide light control and privacy. This can help you to focus your attentions on the options that will best meet your needs.

There are some treatments that look particularly good in bay window areas. Here are some ideas to help you get started on the road toward the perfect treatment for your windows:

  • Window Curtains – Bay windows look particularly good with long panels or café-style curtains. Be careful of poofy or flouncy styles that will visually overwhelm the space and hide the lines of the bay. Instead, accentuate the height of your windows by hanging panels between each window all the way up near the ceiling. If privacy is an issue, hang café curtains halfway down the length of each window and top the bay with one long valance that runs continuously along its length.
  • Roman shades are a nice option to treat your bay window, since most will mount inside the casing of each window pane.Shades – Shades are a wonderful option for bay windows, particularly if your bay has decorative molding that you don’t want to obscure. You can hang roller shades, ribbon shades, or Roman shades within each casing in the aforementioned inside mount. Roller shades roll straight up and down from the top, offering a clean line. Ribbon shades are manually rolled up from the bottom and tied off underneath with decorative ribbons and add wonderful romantic style. Roman shades pull up into long, loose pleats that are particularly good for classic décor.
  • Blinds – Mini blinds are one of the most common window treatments out there, so they’ve got to be mentioned. Can you use them on your bay windows? Certainly, they’ll fit, but all of those horizontal lines can look awfully busy. If you’re absolutely in love with the functionality of blinds, try choosing a darker color with wider slats to minimize the striped look, but in general it’s best to avoid blinds if possible.
  • Valances – If privacy and light aren’t problems, consider unifying the windows with a valance and leave them otherwise uncovered. You can try a traditional valance, or even just hang a rod or series of rods and wrap long scarves around them. Leave the ends hanging unevenly between the windows to add visual interest.


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    I agree with David, I seen these blinds and was thinking the same thing. Any chance you can provide the manufacturer?

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