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Your shower curtain can serve as a focal point in your bathroom. It’s not just a functional piece that keeps water off your floor and maintains your privacy when you’re in the shower.

The right shower curtain can tie together your colors, minimize a horrible tile color, and make the room feel larger or more opulent.

And if you’re in the mood to remodel your bathroom but don’t have the money for it, simply replacing the shower curtain or shower curtain hooks and adding accessories can give your bathroom a new look.

Read on for shower curtain styles, tips and ideas.

You can use shower curtains to add color and patterns in your bathroom.Shower Curtain Choices

First, you need to decide if you want a single curtain or an outer curtain in conjunction with a curtain liner. Single curtains obviously must be made from waterproof fabrics such as vinyl or nylon.

They are both durable and easy to clean. If light is scarce in your shower and you don’t want to fool with installing a fixture, consider buying a clear option that will allow light to filter through.

With a double curtain, you have more choices fabric wise, so long as you layer vinyl underneath for water control.

Fabrics are available in more styles and with embellishments that can’t be used on vinyl such as lace or bead accents.

In general, fabrics will get you a more opulent look that you’ll have problems getting with a liner.

If your bathroom has a tile color that’s difficult to match or visually overwhelming, your shower curtain can help to alleviate the problem.

For a tough shade, pick a shower curtain that has several shades in the same color family. For example, if you have turquoise tile, pick a shower curtain with several shades of blue.

That way, the curtain and the tile don’t have to match exactly.

And if your tile color is visually overwhelming, pick a color that tones it down. If the color is too cool, giving a sterile vibe to your bath, pick a curtain with warm colors. Don’t just default to white.

Choosing the Right Rods and Hooks

  • The effect of having a fancy new shower curtain can be completely ruined by a set of old, moldy, or cracked shower curtain hooks. Of course, you want to choose shower rods and hooks that complement your overall decor, but there are some other considerations that you ought to make:First, select your rod. Textured rods add visual interest but limit your choices to rings, since hooks tend to stick on them.
  • Painted shower curtain rods are generally best paired with plastic rings, since other types will usually scratch them. Once you’ve selected the rod, choose the rings.
  • Hooks are more decorative but also more likely to come off. Metal rings look nice but rattle.
  • Plastic rings are durable, but the most difficult to hang. Also realize that the more narrow the area where your curtain rests, the more likely the curtain will be to tear from the pressure of opening and closing.



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