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When remodeling or redecorating a bathroom, by necessity there will be practical matters to take into consideration.

Many people make the mistake of planning window coverings in the bathroom just as they would for any other in the house. But the reality is that bathrooms present special challenges for window light control, privacy and moisture.

If you are planning a bathroom redecoration it’s always essential to choose materials that are well-suited to a very damp environment. This is especially important in considering what type of blinds or other window coverings to purchase.

While privacy and moisture resistance are important concerns when purchasing blinds for your bathroom, you dont have to compromise on decorative qualities.

The bathroom will be far more humid and damp than any other room and that must certainly enter into your plans for its decorating if you want to keep the new things you purchase rather than see them wilt or be ruined in the heat and humidity that is the nearly permanent atmosphere of the bathroom.

Although this will sound obvious to most people you would be surprised how many folks will fail to grasp that particular concept of the redecorating process that is practicality; bathroom blinds need to be waterproof.

For reasons that are completely practical most people will move away from curtaining the bathroom area, although some who are less careful decorators will opt for this kind of window treatment and wonder why they are finding themselves presented each morning with a vast expanse of molded or mildewed fabric hanging from the window each morning at shower time.

Fabrics which have been untreated by some type of sealant will quickly present you with the problems that any fabric does when it is constantly wet and re-wet, without a real chance to dry each day.

The more occupants you have in your household to shower or bathe, the more problems you will have with dampness remaining in the room.

Be sure your bathroom blinds are water and mildew resistant or you may find yourself replacing them much sooner than anticipated.A workable solution to the problem is a Venetian blind, horizontal preferably which are made of a water resistant type material, or those which have been treated to be waterproof.

It’s probably smart to avoid vertical blinds in that when a fan takes them, or they are moved by any type of activity your privacy is still somewhat compromised by the opening of gaps in the vertical blinds.

Wooden blinds will probably not be a good option for you in the bath area due to the continuous wetting they will receive, particularly if they are closer to the bath or shower. If you go this route you will want to be certain that you choose one which states that it is waterproof, or failing that, the roll up type can be easily sealed with a polyurethane sealant prior to hanging them.

There are vast amounts of plastic blind being made today that have the look of wood and the convenience of being waterproof. Wood type blinds, or faux wood, made of another material today are attractive and not the rather cheap looking substitution of the past.

Great improvements have been made in the workability of plastic and polyurethane, and although it is in some cases mocked as being an inexpensive way to go, it is also a practical way to go.

Being limited in your choices of materials that you can use in this environment doesn’t mean that you are limited in design or dimension of decoration.

Aluminum is a super option for the bath and aside from being rust proof and waterproof, they are easy to clean and come in a variety of designs and colors.

Roll up blinds of vinyl are also a fantastic way to go because they stay out of the way, are colored to match your décor and are easy to wipe clean given that there are no individual slats to be cleared up when the dust settles, as it invariably will.


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